The collagen threads are the latest technology.
The treatment is completely painless. The threads made of
collagen get under the skin with the help of the latest
nanosphere technology, thus enabling a lasting skin
improvement from the inside out and providing a visible result.

– The skin cells are detoxified.

– The skin cells are helped to repair.

– The breakdown of aging toxins in the skin cells is stimulated.

– The promotion of cell metabolism is accelerated.


TDN technology (Transfer Double Nanosphere) originates from biomedical research. It means as much as: Transfer Double Nanosphere Penetrating the skin with active ingredients using TDN technology causes the threads to fuse evenly with the skin. Thus, the lines and wrinkles are evenly filled with the threads. The active ingredients are encapsulated as a means of transport, these penetrate deep into the dermis through intercellular spaces.

A cushion of moisturizing collagen protein is built up under the skin. The skin is improved and regenerated from within. New fibroblasts and collagen fibers are rebuilt by the collagen and fibroin protein sericin of the silkworm. The skin surface becomes smoother.

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The older we get, the more the collagen content in our body decreases, because the production slows down. As a result, our skin loses tension and elasticity, and wrinkles slowly form.

Possible causes can be:

Often it is genetic factors that we cannot influence, also when the level of estrogen decreases, collagen production decreases. This is one of the reasons why the skin becomes increasingly wrinkled and dry during menopause.

External influences such as UV radiation, smoking, stress or the wrong diet can also further increase collagen degradation and skin aging. 


With age, the number of fibroblasts in our skin also decreases, which means that less collagen can be produced.

A deficiency of vitamin C can also be a cause of decreased collagen formation. Because vitamin C both inhibits the breakdown of collagen and promotes the proliferation of fibroblasts as we age.

Due to the decreasing density of the collagen framework, the structure and elasticity of the skin deteriorates, causing it to become flabbier, thinner and stiffer, and wrinkles to appear.

This Non-Surgical form of Treatment

Can not only fill wrinkles, but also treat numerous other skin problems on the face:

Cheeks will be firmed and smoothed

• Upperlip becomes plumper and smoother

• Jaw area appears finer

• Double chin is firmed and smoothed

• Nasolabial folds are reduced and smoothed out

• Lower face is lifted and marionette lines are reduced

In addition to wrinkle reduction, the skin becomes more elastic and firm. The skin is provided with a lot of moisture.

Structure and protection.

Collagen threads are obtained from natural animal fibers or cocoons.

Since collagen consists mainly of proteins and also has a pH value that is very skin-friendly for humans, it is not only a valuable natural product for textiles, but also a popular ingredient in cosmetic products.

Collagen has a very soothing and moisturizing effect on the skin and includes an anti-aging effect.

Meet our Collagen

We have a secret

a beauty secret...

Natural looking lifting with immediate effect 

Reducing under eye wrinkles and dark circles 

Crow's feet will be firmed and smoothed

Cheeks will be firmed and smoothed

Upper lip becomes plumper and smoother

Jaw area appears finer

Double chin is firmed and smoothed

Nasolabial folds are reduced and smoothed out

 lower face is lifted and marionette lines are reduced


The treatment is suitable for all women and men who want to stop or at least slow down visible signs of skin aging strengthen and improve skin elasticity. Age is often visible on the face. Collagen thread lifting is a way that has proven to give good results. This application is considered highly effective with an immediate effect and that is incorporated completely painless and invasive.