Revitalize Your Skin with the Miracle Barrier Protocol: Experience the Power of Mintt Mask

The Miracle Barrier Protocol is a skincare treatment designed to improve sagging skin and restore elasticity. It offers a powerful lifting effect, allowing individuals to experience face line upliftment. The protocol is suitable for those concerned about saggy cheeks, double chin, deep nasolabial folds, or lack of clear facial contours. It provides a home care solution without the need for special treatments or invasive procedures. Unlike other sheet packs, it maintains its lifting effect for a long time and helps enhance skin elasticity. The protocol incorporates the use of M.I.N.T.T™ thread, which offers strong wrinkle-lifting properties and volume enhancement. It utilizes ingredients like PCL (Polycaprolactone), raw collagen, and silk amino acid to promote collagen production, improve skin tone, and increase skin elasticity. With its innovative approach, the Miracle Barrier Protocol allows individuals to enjoy the benefits of thread lifting in the comfort of their own home.

Leading the Beauty World! Make the Skin Elastic and Tight!

The world’s first thread lifting & banner home tretment care

MINTT100 Real Fit Program

PCL     PDRN        243Da Collagen      5 PEPTIDE       Ceramide

Miracle Barrier Protocol, which is actually used by experts, strongly pulls stretched skin xespty skin with to give perfect skin.

01   The World’s First thread-lifting mask MB thread lifting care pulls up sagging skin and brings up the face line.

03   Strong lifting and Barrie fixing effect of medical grade PCL Ingredients Contains PCL, a medical lifting raw material from Evonik, Germany 170 years, contains skin-like triple helix structure raw collagen & 100% natural silk amino acid.

05   Skin barrier reconstruction effect Contains Ceramide NP to reconstruct the damaged skin barrier to maintain moisture in the skin and prevent moisture loss.

02    Apply DS V-Line Miracle Barrier Protocol Reibl’s original M.I.N.T.T (Mineral Interpenetrate Non-Surgical Tightening Thread) Mechanism.

It consists of a cross-linked structure that strongly pulls the sagging skin, so it has the effect of increasing tension and fixation.

04    Contains 4 types of filling injection ingredients Argireline (#botox), 243Da Low Molecular collagen (#baby collagen ingredients), Glutathione (#Whitening injection ingredients), PDRN (#Salmon DNA).

06    Contains 5 types of peptides that increase skin elasticity.

Miracle Barrier Protocol

Improves and elastic skin

Miracle Barrier Protocol helps improve sagging skin to elastic and firm skin.

Face line up! Powerful lifting effect

Miracle Barrier Protocol Face line UP! You can feel the powerful lifting effect.

Easy Home care, Self care is Okay!

MB with stability you can easily lift by yourself with home care without any special treatment.

It's a different level of lifting!

Unlike other sheet packs, it maintains the lifting effect for a long time and helps improve elasticity 

01   Those who are worried about saggy cheeks and double chin

03   Those who do not have clear contours due to a lot of facial fat

05   Those who could not go to dermatology or plastic surgery due to high cost

02    Those who are concerned about deep nasolabial folds or sagging cheeks

04    Those who are burdened with surgery or procedures

06    Those who want a slim V-line face shape

MINTT thread solution that makes sagging skin elastic and tight




Use sequentially as a DS V-LINE mechanism creation that holds the face line.

More Densely! More Safety! More Naturally!

Volume thread lifting by filling in the skin


DS V-LINE’S new concept program developed after long research

“Opening a new era of home treatment care”

Now enjoy simple and effective thread lifting:

01. A powerful thread-lifting mask that lifts the skin with the thread getting absorbed into the sagging and seamed face!

02. Elastic lifting and 3-D effects on the face at the same time!

03. Supply the insuffcient nutrients in the skin all at once!

Volume thread lifting by filling in the skin